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Second-Age Runic Eris by Gotagetoing Second-Age Runic Eris by Gotagetoing
For more world-building please see my profile, read my journals (four parts at this moment).

Rune's, or Runic Eris is the second most populated continent on Eris, the half-continent would later give rise to some of the largest political entities in human history, with the coming of the third-age. Tyrelia, the region encompassing the Rilians, the Belvedorians, the Certruri, the duchy of Luci, Purtia, and Rima, has been scaled up in size to reflect on their relevancy. The Spikelands come at the top in terms of area, being unimaginably vast in actuality. The entire region would later be under the kingdom of Tysoulia, coming the far-eastern invaders.

Second-age refers to the second millennium. The Runic calendar deems the retreat of the Dark about two thousand years ago to be the starting point of the year count. As Rune's Eris during the Dark Age was a dead and timeless wasteland of ash and ice. It is argued that time has passed much further since the Dark Age than Runic scholars and priests say. Sinus faithful believes several tens of thousands of years has passed, and that the continent is rather experiencing its tenth, or eleventh millennium.

The region of Rilia, located in eastern Tyrelia, is currently acting as the host of three invasive ethnic groups. The Certrurii, who had lost their homeland and gone nomadic until settling by the hills they now call Certruri and Cerce. The northern folks of the Hemii had patrolled their southern waters for hundreds of years, and frequently raided northern Tyrelian shores, they now proclaim themselves the rulers of Riljett, the kingdom of Rilia, however there's dissent growing among north-men nobles that oppose conquest of the south, a civil war soon erupted in the Hemi kingdom that would kill off the last giants. From the Tyrelia interior comes the Purtians, the sworn enemies of the now destroyed kingdom in the Garden. With dwindling resources they seek out Rilian lands to conquer, their inherently strong facial features and fury in battle frightened the other inhabitants of Tyrelia. By outliving the kingdom in the Garden, they surpassed everyone's expectations which once only told of their simpleminded and barbaric nature.

Past Tyrelia, to the east, lies Gemaria. During this time a nomadic culture that lived in the Green Fields. Their sworn enemies were the Tellanians, who under the Argevi family had used iron and steel to equip their levies in heavy armor. With this new type of infantry they destroyed the old chiefdom of Hannia, defeated the Maelans with ease, and pushed into the Spikelands. Their attempts at continental wide domination would be met with terror as the scourge of Dura Yvan swarmed the continent with hundreds of thousands of warriors from Bravia. The Maelans under a young and sickly child would suffer dearly, as they saw defeat after defeat. Their goals of holding Stallion's Nest came at a terrible cost as they had lost sight of their southern frontier, where death and his riders were sharpening their arrows, and tightening their saddles.

Ladusia had once been a vassal-state of the kingdom in the Garden. And was the gem of the ancient empire. With the collapse of order in the empire, the Ladusians were left to fend off for themselves. They were almost immediately usurped by Red-Land Ladusians from the southern end of the Red River. The kingdom in the Garden had given the Ladusians western fashion and literature, but with the usurpation from outsiders it all slowly faded away. And Ladusia would once again become a southern kingdom, with southern beliefs and culture. Their rise to greatness would only come hundreds of years later.

Rapid seasonal changes allow Bravian hunters and traders to sail into Slab Bay, the Spikelands. This was the beginning of the coming scourge of Dura Yvan, who would turn the geopolitical table of Rune's Eris completely around, and shape a new future for the continent.

Here's a culture map for the curious:

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Rewritten in 2016-02-04.
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Now this is a fantasy map.
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I am working on a Fantasy map project in which requires a map. I was searching the internet and i found this map! I was wondering if you could help me by making a map like that one. if you do take requests and would like to help message me back.
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excelent, love it
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I really like the shields and the overall texture of the map. Well done!
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kind of looks like a map of the Eastern Mediterranean made by someone that hasn't explored much further then Crete
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